About The Standpoint Co.

The Standpoint Co. was formed by Jarrett Ingram as an organization that helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and leadership teams. Jarrett believes that the greatest source of joy and fulfillment and also the greatest source of frustration and stress will come from the same place:

Your people! The biggest dragons that business owners need to slay are the people dragons and there is good news! It is not as hard as you think. Isn’t it interesting that 2 educated and experienced adults can look at the same situation and have 2 totally different takeaways and interpretations! Why does this happen? Jarrett and The Standpoint Co believes that this has a lot to do with a person’s Standpoint:

An attitude to or an outlook on issues, typically arising from one’s circumstances or beliefs. If you can change how you view it, you can change how you do it.

The Standpoint Co offers leadership coaching and business consulting. We help companies get clear on The Big 3: Vision, Culture, and Leadership. We offer programs to fit companies large or small and help them overcome these issues:

“Jarrett has created an amazing Facebook community for entrepreneurs and business owners. This group was started as a way to be able to give trainings, resources, and value to business owners and let them come and associate with people who are really showing up in their business."

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