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Jarrett Ingram is the founder of The Standpoint Co. He is an entrepreneur and Leadership and Performance Coach and has been an executive over Leadership, Culture, and Business Development. He helps to coach, train, and guide the business owners and their teams to live, embody, and accomplish the Mission and Purpose of their companies.

Jarrett has a passion for developing strong leaders who develop strong businesses. He is also a speaker and has spoken hundreds of times to thousands of people all over the country.

He creates and delivers impactful training content in an engaging way to have an impact on the listeners. As an executive and managing partner for over 10 years, Jarrett has a background that includes strategic planning for long term growth and sustainability, high-performance coaching and influence, people leadership, and sales.

Jarrett served as CEO and partner for Ritz Catering, a highly sought after catering and events management company in Southern California. Jarrett helped to scale that company from a small operation to a business capable of managing multiple large-scale events, serving thousands of people at a single time. As a sales and influence consultant, Jarrett has coached prominent businesses all over the country on principles of leadership, high performance, sales, and greater influence.

Jarrett has a passion for teaching was a religion instructor for 2 years at both college and the high school levels and has maintained a strong passion for teaching. Jarrett received his B.S. degree in Business Management. He is married to his sweetheart of 12 years and is the father of three beautiful children—two girls and one boy. He loves all things outdoors including the mountains, dirtbikes, hunting, and fishing. Jarrett believes that the real power to influence lies in self-development and in a desire to connect with and serve others. This strong belief is what led Jarrett to scale a multi 7-figure business and then launch The Standpoint Co, a business with the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed.

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