Keynote presentations

If you are planning an event and need an engaging speaker, do not hesitate to reach out to Jarrett. If it is your responsibility to make the event a success, you do not want to leave things to chance. Jarrett has spoken to thousands of people at hundreds of events and meetings across the country. His main messages are on the impact of leadership and influence, intentional culture, vision, and perception vs perspective. Jarrett believes that the best teachers are storytellers and he combines his years of experience as an entrepreneur and leadership coach to make ideas and principles come to life to the audience.

Welcome to flying

An engaging presentation with a life long lesson learned while Jarrett began flight lessons to be a private pilot. Jarretts dream since he was a boy was to fly airplanes. He thought he knew all about flying and what it would be like to finally take off. As a grown man, he decided to begin his lessons. With his instructor next to him, Jarrett took to the sky! However… Living and attaining his DREAM was not at all how he expected. It was different. He had never felt the feeling of a small airplane shooting through the clouds. It was scary. And it took an influential leader, Capt Kirk, Jarrett’s flight instructor, to add a little perspective, remind Jarrett of his DREAM, and told him- Welcome to flying! In this keynote, leaders learn the impact of being a leader who gives perspective. Listeners will receive tools to take back to their businesses, teams, and homes to be better leaders to the people they lead.

Perception VS Perspective

What if what I am looking at, doesn’t even exist at all? Why is it that 2 people can look at the same thing, and see 2 totally and completely different things? Who is right? Who is wrong? In this keynote, listeners learn what perception really is. Perception is what we see. Perspective is how we see what we see. So if you want to change a perception, you need to first change the perspective. Listeners will be able to learn key takeaways to help them be more aware of the people they encounter and how to be more influential in their environments.

The Big 3!

Every successful business needs to incorporate what Jarrett calls, The Big 3. The Big 3 in an organization are Vision, Culture, and Leadership. Vision in any organization is what first piques interest. Vision creates clarity and inspires. Vision attracts both talent internally and customers externally. Culture, when intentional, can make or break a work environment. The right culture promotes camaraderie and happiness internally. It is the driving force behind total brand and customer experience. Culture is what employees and customers will remember about their encounter with a business or team. Well-trained leaders make all of the difference. Leadership is what influences behavior, sets direction, and drives results. Leadership puts everything from the Vision and the Culture in practice. Listeners will learn what it looks like to incorporate The Big 3 in an organization and get tools and takeaways to be intentional with their own businesses and teams.

Fear vs Excitement: A lesson I learned from my kids

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